2017 Wellness Stack

Problem : Summer is coming
Solution : A fitness plan to take me through to End of March!
Goal : 11% body fat with minimal muscle loss. 


Apple Watch Series 1
- Useful for logging workouts.
- Filling the rings each day is motivating.
- Have yet to use social features but imagine that they would be pretty good too. 
- Feed data into Apple Health and MyFitnessPal.

Withings body scale
- Unreliable for body composition but use it for a daily weigh in.
- Ignore weight day-to-day, look at trend line.
- Make sure to weigh self at same time every day. 

Tape measure
- Take key measurements once per week.
- Good indicator of general progress.  


- 1g of protein per llb of body weight daily
- Keep to 2120 calories per day + exercise burn = slight deficit each day, track through MyFitnessPal
- Stick to a few regular meals that I like and have a lot
- Using tryfuel.com for evening meals. Customizable macro meal delivery, very cool. 
- Drink tons of water. 
- One cheat meal per week. 
- Slow carbs only.
- Limit alcohol, leads to poor eating decisions. 
- Limit salt intake, causes serious water retention which is demotivating. 


- 20 mins of interval training 4x per week. (will make this 30 after 6 weeks).
- Lift heavy weight 4-5 times per week.
- 1 warmup set per body part then 6-8 sets of 4-6 reps of 85% 1 rep max = v heavy weights (over 2 exercises). 
- No special nutrition around cardio, for weight training, protein and carbs before and after workout.