digipill.com - a lesson in merchandising for the appified world

digipill is a service allows users to in-app purchase a range of "digital pills". Each 'pill' comes with it's own prescription and is designed to offer certain benefits to the user ranging from a clearer mindbetter sleep or even becoming a better man magnet. 

I downloaded my first pill today, called T-Break, which allows the user to take a 14 minute guided mediation supported by some sonic-therapy, designed to relax the user. Although i looked slightly weird with my eyes closed for 14 minutes in the office, by the end i felt a noticeable lift and I can safely say that my afternoon's productivity was boosted.

Guided Meditations are nothing new, but what digipill does successfully, is re-productises/re-packages this fairly well established product category. The 'pill' metaphor is a marketing gimmick, leading to writeups like this : Drugs are going digital and it was certainly effective enough to get me to give it a go. I think there must be other product types that can be repackaged in a similar way. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 17.06.39.png

Just as a side note, design does remind me a lot of this dribble shot: