X-Factor Combined Votes for Olly, Danyl, Stacey and Joe

Looking at the votes cast in the X-Factor by week you can see what sort of average pull the different contestants had. A couple of interesting things stand out. Firstly how much things can change. Danyl Week 1 came in with a massive 27.1% of the vote (more than any other two contestants combined) only to plummet to a lowly 6.5% the week later. Either his performace was that much worse than the week before or external factors where influencing the public (Dannii? The Press?) either way something seriously bad happened for him there.

If you look at the final 4 and average their comparative % scores up until the week of the semi-final you get the following :

1. Joe McElderry @ 31%

2. Danyl Johnson @ 27%

3. Stacey Soloman @  24%

4. Olly Murs @ 19%

That would certainly be the preferred departure list in my book!  Now that is by no way scientific but at least it gives you a little idea of what could have happened and close it really was.

Simon so nearly had his way!